About Us


We empower entities to unlock the power of data and improve their decision making

Who we are

Founded in 1984, Prologica is a Portuguese company that creates and implements ICT data- driven solutions to positively impact the areas of healthcare, education and citizenship. With a strong footprint in developed and emerging markets around Europe, Africa and Latin America, Prologica has become a reference of quality, innovation and excellence in public and private sector.

Given its expertise on data engineering, business Intelligence, advanced analytics and  interaction design, Prologica has been recognized since March 2016 by the United Nations  as Data Champion of the global partnership for sustainable development data.


In January 2017, as result of its footprint, Prologica was selected to be partner of the EMEA  Microsoft alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Health.

What we believe

Prologica is committed in empowering people, in empowering each one of us, with better health, better education and better citizenship.To take more informed decisions while it is still time will dramatically improve the way we handle healthcare, the way we learn and the way we live in society.

Thanks to the proper use of technology we are able today to achieve better prevention and quicker monitoring. Data, and the way we monitor it, will unlock meaningful insights about our health, about our competences and what decisions will affect our lives the most.

Our challenges


Ensure the return on investment of organizations


Bring added value for organizations through our partnerships


Actively support the different stakeholders

SDG commitment

With the commitment of sharing with the world the monitoring and visualization of SDG3 in a simple, attractive and consumable mobile visualization platform, Prologica has joined in 2016 the global partnership as Data Champion for Sustainable Development Goals .

Giving its current positioning, Prologicais also committed with SDG4 by creating an e-learning platform available internationally where SDG4 targets, indicators and other insights could be shared and taught in order to raise awareness.

Our footprint

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