Meliora Platform

Meliora is our actionable intelligence platform that contains data, algorithms and tools to equip people and organizations with the answers they need to improve their operations.

Prologica’s knowledge and technology platform was designed from the ground up to provide actionable intelligence, accessible by everyone, regardless of their technological or analytical proficiency. While some prefer to address moonshot projects, we believe in improving small day to day decisions that over time create massive improvements. With our platform, you can tackle the full depth of the information value chain, from data collection to knowledge dissemination.


Use analytical dashboards, intuitive visualizations, interactive filters, and powerful data drills to monitor your key performance and quality indicators. Setup alerts in Meliora to get timely notifications. Avoid information overload and act on relevant changes in your data.


Identify the variables and complex rules that predict outcomes in your data through statistical inference and data mining algorithms. Get valuable insights out of Meliora and understand what and why something is happening by finding previously hidden patterns, key influencers, outliers and anomalies.


Improve outcomes with expert systems and machine learning models that forecast events before they occur and assess potential risks on a timely manner. Use Meliora to achieve better outcomes by quickly identifying those who are most likely to benefit from specific interventions.


Stop using trial and error and apply simulation tools, optimization algorithms, recommenders and schedulers in Meliora to improve process efficiency and quality. Achieve an efficient allocation of scarce resources, by reducing costs while maintaining or increasing the quality of care.


Turn your information, analysis and insights into high quality documents, reports, presentations, dashboards and apps in Meliora. Connect with your stakeholders by streamlining the production of information and knowledge and automating the distribution across multiple channels.

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