Meliora Statistical Publications


Automatic publications solution for organizations to turn their information, analysis and insights into high quality documents, reports, presentations, dashboards and interactive apps. Helps streamlining the production of information and knowledge and enable the distribution across multiple channels.


  • Systematize the publishing process, which today is dependent on the use of multiple tools, in multiple formats and standardize the document layouts;
  • Give more autonomy to organizations in the production and dissemination of publications, eliminating dependence on external resources for final document design;
  • Allow publishing in formats suitable for web and mobile environments, in contrast to “closed” (PDF) formats, currently available;
  • Automate the publishing processes, reducing the time-to-publication and the average time of production;
  • Dematerialize publications in formats for consumption through various means, with interactivity;
  • Enable automatic creation of high-quality PDFs;
  • Increase the visibility of publications to stakeholders;
  • Continuously evaluate the use and access to publications.

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