Connect4job in Cameroon

Joining forces with the “’Institut Africain d’Informatique” (African informatics institute) of Cameroon, Prologica launched on February 21st  Connect4Job at Youndé

Connect4Job ( is a platform whose main objective is to give students and recent graduates in the field of ICT, the possibility of being visible on the job market through their contact with a multitude of Cameroonian and international companies. This platform leads young people into the business market, generates jobs and ensures their projection on the international level through the promotion and support in the search for funding for innovative projects.

Candidates looking for a job can find on this platform all information about the market, job offers that fit with their aspiration and services to drive their evolution or mobility. Any candidate can learn about a company, search for and apply for a job offer, make themselves noticeable to companies and disseminating their competences .

Connect4Job is a free platform which also intends to contribute to the digital transformation of Cameroon by being available for anyone IT related; students, project promoters, as well as public and private entities which are using online channels to attract and recruit local talent.

Quoting Mr. Armand Abanda, Représentant Résident of IAI in Cameroon, “This project represents the 1st phase of an IT strengthening strategy and will be followed by the creation of a Digital Employment Barometer that will use analytics to help identify gaps and insights of the ITC sector by analyzing the offer and demand of those job opportunities and interactions”.  After this two phases, Connect4Job will have enough market information to fulfill the gaps in the educational programs and will close this way, the 3 phases’ cycle: Employment, Barometer, Education.

According to Mr. David Bernabé Fernandes, Vice-President of Prologica, “the launch of Connect4Job marks a major milestone for the future of ICT students in Cameroon and a great example of how technology can be used to serve the purpose of job creation and digital development. We are delighted to contribute to the vision of Mr. Armand Claude Abanda towards a more digital society in Cameroon, as an accelerator of social and economic development. Additionally, Connect4Job represents a great opportunity for Cameroons ICT students and entrepreneurs to get in contact with entities from other countries and continents”.

All of Prologica’s projects are aligned with the SDG’s and this initiative is no exception, we are focusing on SDG 8 “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all” and more specifically the target 8.2 “Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labor-intensive sectors”

We are confident this platform will allow government entities, universities, private sector and, most important, local talent to embrace the benefits of digital platforms as significant bridge creators which will generate a wheel of transformation into the development of Cameroon and other emerging countries. 

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